Registration Open | ‘The Hustle Economy’ program

Monetize your skills in 7-weeks, even if you don’t know how!That’s right, take matters into your own hands •Looking for extra income•Looking for a career change•Does entrepreneurship excite you•Hard time landing a job because of a criminal record •Been impacted by the war on drugs•Been impacted by systematic barriers Conaxion and Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs is … Continue reading Registration Open | ‘The Hustle Economy’ program

First-time Homebuyer Programs for 2020

Homeownership is heralded as a part of the American Dream for many Angelinos, but rising costs have priced out much of the population. The following is a *list we've compiled of resources for first-time homebuyers that helps close the affordability gap for many cash-strapped and credit-compromised borrowers. FHA loans The Federal Housing Authority insures the … Continue reading First-time Homebuyer Programs for 2020

RISE Apartments | Progress in Action

from Urbanize LA The $32-million development, located at 4050 S. Figueroa Street, will consist of a five-story building featuring 56 units of affordable housing priced at the low- and very low-income levels.  Rents for the studio apartments will are to be set at $473 per month for very low-income households and $788 per month for low-income households. … Continue reading RISE Apartments | Progress in Action

RISE Offices Farewell

After 25 years at the same location, serving over 106,000 local residents and entrepreneurs, delivering over $10.4 Million in micro- and small business loans, helping over 315 families purchase First-Time Homes accessing over $300,000,000 in mortgages from area banks, delivering over 1200 workshops and training sessions, well, there was a lot to do! There were … Continue reading RISE Offices Farewell